An ode to the real ‘one’.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt that way.
A year to be true.
Fate loves to play games with me it seems, I appear to be the toy that is made to enact the ‘real’ imagination.
It feels ‘blah’ right now, yet I am strangely calm.
I appear to have truly left the realm of holding on to things we take for granted.
Music in my ears, a night spent painting; the music stopping for a conversation of comfort with a voice that has joined me in the sorrows and joys,
A voice of someone true, faithful and honest.
Brutally honest at times. Brilliantly.
I speak not of the voice of my consciousness, nor of my conscience.
I speak of my best friend, my soulmate, though I may not be hers, for which I hold no negativity.
She allows me this ‘bit’ unquestioningly.
She knows I expect nothing of her, and I’m glad that she knows it, for it allows her to be herself with me.
She consoles me in my sorrows.
She comforts me in my pain.
She laughs with me in my joys.
She hugs me tightly just for the heck of it.
“Thank you” is just a small attempt on my part to show my gratitude to her.
Thank you, Anisha – my best friend, my soulmate.

Jai S. Ranjit
February 1, 2009.


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