Thank You is the toughest to express…

so..there are these people i love…they mean the world to me, and honestly i don’t think i can ever show them just how much they mean to me….they’ve saved my life in many ways, in their own ways…they are superstars, and i feel honoured to be in their presence, to be able to say “yes, these are MY FRIENDS!”

when people ask me what i can’t live without, i give them two answers…first, my friends..they are my life..and second, chocolate…my vice and my gold…my ideal scene would be all my friends around me, with a nice chocolate spread in front of me…..

i don’t know how to say thank you to these people, these creatures so full of love, these beings of a higher level in the universe….the only way i can try to do so, is to say Thank You to each of you, my friends, my family, my life. Thank You. I love each one of you, and always will.


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