Singing on the train is a very interesting thing to do I must say…People tend to look at you as though you’re insane, but I guess if you can NOT care about what they think, nothing anyone ever says will bother you, making you totally able to do anything in front of an audience…

There are two types of singing I have come across in my adventures as a ‘Train-singer’..

1. The Solo performance – this is where you’re singing with no one else, with your iPod or chosen musical source blasting away in your ears, or not. example, me on the train almost every time that I can stand at the door.

2.The Duo/Group performance – this is where you are with either someone else, or with a bunch of people as insane as you, together singing the same song, usually off key and playing air-instruments at the same time. great example would be my best friend Anisha and me singing the Cranberries number Zombie…trust me, I’ve never been more off-key than that instance.

Then of course, are the times when you’re soooooooooooooo insanely insane with the whole 2-person-band thing and the song choice, that people around you are so embarassed that they decide to alight at the next station and take the next train.

Anisha, I’d have no one else to do that with, trust me. No fun when you’re not there.

It’s amazing how easily one can gain a seat on the train by merely singing. and dancing. Horribly.

This I’ve done alone (sorry Anisha, haven’t told you about this one).

A brilliant moment in my life, when I was in SYBA, heading to college one morning on a train that had no free seats but plenty of standing room. Of course I wanted to sit and rest my lazy rear, so I proceeded to blast my iPod with the song “I want to break free” and began to dance like a nerd on acid.

I honestly feel a bit sorry for the 30-something guy who I traumatized so badly that he actually got up and took the next train. How do I know this? I got his window seat. 😛

All in all, I think everyone should sing on the train.

Oh yes, I did forget one type of performance.

3. The children on the train with those annoying stones singing ‘ParrrrrrrrrrrrDesi ParrrrrrrrrrDesi Jaaaanaaaa Nahiiiin!’


6 thoughts on “Train-singing.

  1. i like the part where you mention about… parrrrrrrrr desi parrrrrrrrrr desi jana nahiiiiiiiiii…. lolz…it was tooo funny…

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