The End of an Era

it’s 1.27am on my computer’s clock right now. i’m tired as hell, but don’t think i’ll be able to sleep unless i get this out.

i have had both ups and downs in the last 5 years of my life at Jai Hind College.

the ups first :

  • i studied science and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • i met Samreen, Nash, Niha, Ajinkya and strengthened my bond with Zarvan ( who kinda put on weight in school partly/mostly because of my constant feeding him ).
  • i met Swetha, Anusha, Lulua and Nihal. brilliant people. supportive as hell, funny as hell.
  • thank you guys. all of you. the special batch was brilliant!
  • thank you Shivvy for the Special Batch..i am truly grateful.
  • these guys were my closest peeps in the two years of Junior College.
  • all of my science and math teachers. THANK YOU AJAY SIR. i would never have passed in math without you.
  • i then got to study economics, political science and philosophy, all with mostly brilliant professors, barring one economics prof.
  • i also got to study advertising, with possibly my most favourite teacher of all, Prof. Lavanya. RDB will never be the same ma’am.
  • i met someone who i don’t think i can now live without. Anisha Sharma. she is my bestestestest friend ever. i love her with all my heart and soul.
  • i went out with my first girlfriend. Akanksha, thank you.
  • i broke out of my shell. Anisha, thank you for that. really. i went from nerdy, goody-two shoes to i-give-a-rats-arse-what-the-world-thinks-of-me. it’s for the better.
  • Upneet Bhatia.4-freaks
  • the Admissions Process.
  • i got involved with Malhar, Kscope and SHOUTT. i’ve loved it. thank you SDU people. thank you everyone.
  • Shahiza Irani. i love you woman!
  • i got involved with the English Association. thank you Danesh Khambatta, Rueben, Azmin, Ash, Vaspaan, Kruti, Aditi..the list just goes on. Anisha, you too. and Ruchika.
  • the Black Comedy and Loot. Avik Ashar. Karan Kumra.
  • i was part of a random filler-item-fashion-show.
  • the PR cell.
  • the Hobby Center and it’s Personality Contest.
  • the people of Jai Hind. they may be rough around the edges, but it’s all good.
  • Rajesh, Mishraji, Mama, Prakash (John), Madan, Sharmaji, Dev, Shyam, Frankie-guy, Sandwich-guys, and all the other non-teaching staff.
  • All the teaching staff.
  • N.W.Shivdasani a.k.a. Shivvy. dude of the century.
  • Professor Simmin Ray.
  • Natasha Katrak.
  • all my classmates. while i wasn’t close to all, we are always classmates.
  • Shafaq, if you ever read this, thank you for the ring. in the hustle and bustle around Malhar ’07, it got misplaced. i never replaced it with the same thing. and i still have the money pouch you gave me. thank you. you are a joy to have known.
  • travelling by train with Anisha. OMG..oh the humanity πŸ˜›
  • Dilshad, Rohan, Taha, Tara, Shreyaal, Chaitali, Berzina….
  • theatre
  • the Annexe Library. i still have the keys.
  • Prabal, Piyush and company.
  • Afia and Sidra. my new loves. you guys make my smile from within and without.
  • Bhoomika. it started strong. things went wrong.
  • i began painting. i got good. still getting better.
  • i began using this thing called a brain.

the downs :

  • Bhoomika. things started strong. things went wrong.
  • i didn’t do so well in any of my exams.
  • people i loved so dearly changed. not for the better. some left.
  • Anisha went to Xaviers after SY. i missed her so. felt so lonely.
  • Anisha and i couldn’t travel together anymore. trains became boring.
  • we weren’t allowed to write what we wanted the way we wanted to.
  • some of the teaching staff.
  • some of the non-teaching staff.
  • Hydrogen sulphide and conc. sulphuric acid.
  • the Kit’s Apparatus.
  • injuries.
  • Zoya forgetting to tell me that my graffiti finals were the next day. i could have won and would have won that event blindfolded.
  • 26/11.
  • general life shit.
  • the old annexe building was razed to make way for the new one. Annexe Library, we’ll miss you. always.

all in all, not a bad 5 years. good actually. met some good people, met some great ones, met the best of the universe.

i’m going to miss Jai Hind. most of all, the Annexe Library. would Miss Furnival care to take a walk down memory lane with me?

it’s now 2.11am. i’m happy it’s all out. hard to believe that 5 years have passed since i first walked into Jai Hind College, hoping to get admission there. so much has changed, so much hasn’t. it was an experience.


4 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. first off, thank you.

    secondly, tell them. the biggest regret a thinking mind will ever have is that of not saying what needs to be said. plus, it’ll make their day when you tell them you miss them.

  2. Sigh, Jai, its a wonderful thing to read this, really.
    Its such an innocent post.
    It reminds me of all the people I miss and dare not tell, God alone knows why

  3. thank you so much for being there for me through everything. i will always be there for you, and if i can’t be there in person, i’ll make sure you’re taken care of. always.

    i’ll take that stroll anytime anywhere. together.

    and thanks. πŸ™‚

  4. 2 years.
    Just 2…and it’s been a hell of a ride.
    I will be writing something like this too.
    Keep a look out.
    I love you, you adorable, silly, sweet, creative, crazy thing.
    Biiig hug.
    And yes, trains were not the same. Neither was ‘Zombie’.
    And memory lane never closes it’s doors to me, love.
    Join me on a little stroll anytime you like.
    Welcome to WordPress, by the way. πŸ™‚

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