Life is strange. Life is Good.

Life is strange.

We are happy. We are sad. We go through a broad range of emotions.

Things go right. Things go wrong.

Things go right. Sometimes they go left, get very lost, turn around and go back the way they came, start over and go right.

If only life were easier to understand and prepare for.

But then where’d the fun of life be? Like “they” say : “variety is the spice of life”!

We are born. We live. We love. We die.

More important than being born and dying is the Living and Loving.

I was born. I will die. I don’t care if it’s tomorrow. Why?

I was born. I will die. I have Lived, am Living and until I die, will keep Living. I have Loved, still Love and will always Love. Even beyond death.

I know not what lies beyond death, but I do know that those who have known me, and even those who haven’t, will always be Loved by me. Always.

Life is strange.

Life is Good.


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