Boards Approach..as does my 21st birthday!

So the boards are like 3 weeks away, my 21st birthday is in 9 days, and i’m losing my mind right now.

i hate academia. i love art. i need this degree. i want this degree. i will have this degree. no matter how much i hate studying for it the way i’m asked to.

i wish things were different. i wish i could simply mug and chuck the way they want me to.

while i’m wishing, why not wish that the world didn’t have to run on a degree?


3 thoughts on “Boards Approach..as does my 21st birthday!

  1. mug-chuck? thru a mass comm course? killllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    (for examples of the random writings, check my blog. yes, i do advertise. though nowadays its more pissed-off shit than actual writings.)

  2. awww good luck!! and yes, it’ll be pretty much mug-n-chuck through college, though if you’re lucky you might get a professor who’ll ingrain something in the brain…..academia ain’t all bad, trust me..it’s just the way things are done that suck…and yes..i too love art, writing and photography…

  3. yesyes, i wish that too….
    sittin here *trying* to mug-puke cbse science.
    I hate acadamia. i love art. writing and photography.
    and yet i see that it’ll probably be mug-chuck all the way through college. even if I do quit science.
    And that makes me SAD.

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