Bloodsport – A poem by a friend and fellow blogger..

This is something a friend of mine Angad  Dutta wrote inspired by my last post…

Bloodsport (inspired by attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan and by Jai’s latest blog post at http://www.zaiu.wordpress.com)

Blood spills down the arm
That most men wished they had
And the scream he lets out is
Chillingly similar to shouts after a victory.

The whole world watches
As a gentleman’s sport oozes blood
The field becomes a battlefield
With the spirit of sport at the losing end.

The wars of religion have scarred
The one religion left to be affected
A passion hurt, excitement shot in the head
We now live in fear of playing a game.

The warning’s out; the time has come
The ball is in our court; our pitch…
Stand up – we have to drive the point home
You made a mistake by messing with OUR sport…

here’s a link to his blog..he writes amazing poetry in my opinion..worth a read..  http://www.rustedandtorn.blogspot.com


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