Short Stories Series -2- Fields of Gold

I was recently part of a group exhibition in Mumbai, and it was called Mystic Glory. Inspired by some of the paintings, I wrote a few short stories based on the paintings.

Fields of Gold

Based on Painting : Dawn by Mahendra Pawar

Sunlit fields in the middle of the night.

Could things be any stranger? “Probably” was the only thought that came to his mind.

Back on Earth, things were normal and how it “should be”, he thought. He looked at his fellow explorer and shook his head with a look of confusion. He thought he was looking into a mirror for a second, considering the look on his partner’s face.

“What is this place? Man, did we pick THE most interesting job in the galaxy!”, he said, now pointing out at the landscape in front of them. “Where to, my fellow freaked out spaceman?”

“Your guess is as good as mine partner! How about heading over to those trees on the other side of the field?” replied his companion.

“Onward then! Exploration and adventure awaits us!”

They checked their backpacks one last time, then marched down from the ship’s chosen landing spot on a hill, to the most golden field they had ever laid eyes on.

“I’m very confused. The sun is out, but the sky is one of the night. I don’t know whether to put on sunglasses, sunscreen and start tanning myself, or to hit the hay and go ‘rock-a-bye’!”

A beep sounded from one of their scanners.

“Roger that! Sign of life on the beeper?”

“Affirmative. Something big, straight ahead. Do you have a visual?”

“Negative. Lock and load. Set to stun till we know what we’re dealing with.”

“Roger. Stay alert, this big blip just split into multiple bogeys. I count six, wait, ten. My screen’s lit up like a Christmas tree!”

“I think we’re surrounded. It’s been a pleasure exploring with you. If we’re going out, let’s do it with a bang I say! Boo-YAH!”

The two explorers were about to meet some of the most interesting beings in the galaxy.

Too bad they wouldn’t be sharing the experience with anyone anytime soon.


10 thoughts on “Short Stories Series -2- Fields of Gold

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  2. hahahaha ok ok no watching togezzer zen..p.s. i’ve reposted the other stories with the paintings..this one got deleted..my camera was giving trouble..the pics aren’t the best as a result..but should suffice..

  3. interesting beings with many teeth.
    PS. movie called Teeth. Get hold of, watch, temme how it is. it sounds bldy amazing bt i’m too chicken to watch…………….

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