Short Stories Series -1- A Joyous Ending

I was recently part of a group exhibition in Mumbai, and it was called Mystic Glory. Inspired by some of the paintings, I wrote a few short stories based on the paintings.

A Joyous Ending

Based on Painting : Zorastrianism by Lalit Jain


He stood facing the fire, just as he had done for so many years now. The actions were the same as always, but somehow everything was different this time.

He felt free, happy with nothing in particular, at the same time so sad.

He had aged considerably since the first time he had stood there in prayer; the once cherubic, glowing face was now wrinkled and bearded. He stood respectfully in prayer now, just as he did then, this time robed in white, with a sash of yellow and black, eyes closed in concentrated contemplation, faith and calm.

This was the time of each day that he felt most peaceful, and it showed. His breathing was slow and calm, the tension in his body lost to the far reaches of time and space. He would travel the vast expanses of his mind and imagination interchangeably each time he was in the moment.

“Today is different”, said the guiding voice in his head. “ You shall be taught that which you already know, but you will understand it all, because this time, you are your teacher.”

And so he did. He went through each memory, sight, sound, taste, smell and sensation he had ever had. He had many questions. They were now answered.

He no longer saw anything through his mortal eyes, for white blinds had been drawn over them. He was looking at the universe through the eyes of the Creator and Destroyer, the Maintainer of Balance. He was looking through the eyes of truth and love. The reason of his being was understood. Finally, he knew the why and the how. He was truly happy. Truly free.

When they found his body, he was gone. Rigor had set in, yet his muscles had a calm and looseness that defied logic. What added to the mystery was the joyous smile on his face. A faint light in the mortal eyes that had been covered by white blinds, in a body that was robed in white, with a sash of yellow and black.

He was free, and he left behind a smile to tell the world that he was free.


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