Coming Back To Life

He sat on the rocks, a little above the water line, basking in the warmth of the setting sun, a cool sea breeze playing with his hair.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this”, he thought to himself. It felt good. He felt free, especially since he was hearing two main sounds : crashing waves and Pink Floyd.

His mind began to drift toward what lay before him.

An energetic sea, waves powered by a constant wind that carried some of the moisture and salty scent wherever it blew.

A sky that looked like one from a Dali painting, simply surreal. Children being children, splashing around in the shallows or walking around in wet clothes, some barely in their ‘delicates’.

Then there were the rocks. The shapes, the sizes and colours. The couples on them.

He smiled at the thought. He’d been one of them too once. That was a wonderful  sunset.

This, was a moment. A scene, a picture that would remain etched in his brain. It would serve as a source of happiness in times of gloom.

The warmth of a sun shielded weakly by grey clouds of cotton, with the backdrop of a hazy, light grey that melted into a yellow of comfort, only to dissolve into a blue that was so familiar to each of us.

He began to enjoy the feeling of others watching him sit on the rocks, writing words they couldn’t read from where they were, moving his body to the music playing through his earphones, smiling at the brilliance of the moment.

It felt like he was receiving love from everyone : the ones he knew, the ones he didn’t; those close by, those far off in cities around the world. He was receiving love from everything on the planet.

This was Joy. “Every person should be lucky enough to feel what I feel right now”, he thought to himself.

Then the perfect song played. He was truly ‘Coming Back To Life’. He had asked himself each of those questions over and over again, never able to find the answers.

Until now.

It was all so simple. He realised and understood just what he was, and why he now knew what he’d known all along, but never truly seen.

He was Energy. And the perfect combination of wind, water, light and love – the base forms of Earthly Energy – let him understand this.

He felt this joy only because he saw what the light showed him. Because he felt what the wind and water had to say.

Because he had opened his heart up to love, from everything and everyone around him.

He was happy. The happiest he probably ever had, or would feel.


5 thoughts on “Coming Back To Life

  1. wow….cant believe such beautiful stuff poured right from your heart,with your fingers,through the keyboard and onto the screen providing some really amazing literary for us to read..proud of u jai dear!…

  2. Jai, this was SO beautiful.
    I know what you mean. Exactly.
    Had one of these 2 years ago, changed me FOREVER.
    Love you.

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