Flying Across The Universe

I’m flying across the universe, hands outstretched,

I’m seeing things in a new light, bright and heated.

The stars call out to me, the planets beckoning,

Galaxies presenting sights unreal, simply breathtaking.

There is life everywhere I land,

Cultures and races extending a welcome hand.

The universe is full of love and energy,

Making my flight a journey and experience in synergy.


5 thoughts on “Flying Across The Universe

  1. Well, I have to say that this sounds like you’ve been doing mushrooms or acid with alarming regularity.
    But once you get past the obvious drug references staring you in the face, this really is a nice piece!

  2. Have you been trippin lately?!?!hehe kidding. Beautiful. Thats what its all abo0t, innit?

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