On Warriors and Friends.

We are born into a family. We cannot choose this family, though this notion has been challenged, with arguments that are plausible. We soon grow to an age where we choose who to include in our lives as our friends. These people are the family we know we can choose. These are people we hold close to our hearts, who we trust, and depend on in times unclear.

We love these people. Sometimes, this love, which in my opinion is nothing more than an energy, converts itself into a different form. The bonds are changed, at times made stronger, at times weaker.

This love, when it weakens the bond, can do so irreparably, causing it to break. That is when we begin to doubt ourselves. This is also the case when a relationship is formed without that strong friendship, or for that matter, enough knowledge about each other. At times the excitement of discovery dies out sooner than expected, else the habits and personality of the person disrupts the flow of good energy inside the person being troubled by it.

In either (or any such) case, one may doubt oneself. That is when one should realise that they are not alone. There is always that one person who is with them, in their knowledge or not.

When under stress, pressure, disdain, disappointment, sadness or any negative emotion, one must realise that he or she always has a Warrior and a Friend as guide, protector and comfort by their side.

There are those rare souls, who are kind, gentle, loving and humanly incomplete with an acceptance of that missing factor. These rare souls, or Special Ones, unknown to them, have an Army of Warriors and Friends. This Army may be spread out across the planet, with some Warriors and Friends close at hand, and others in distant lands. No matter where a Warrior and Friend is on the planet, living or not, is always in the heart, in the mind and in one’s shadow, there to be whatever he or she must be to protect the Special One.

In times of poor clarity and challenge of principle, a Special One, just like every one of the Wandering Souls on the planet must realise that they have, at the very least, one Warrior and Friend by their side.

They must realise that they are not alone. They have chosen their Warriors and Friends themselves.

They are not alone.


9 thoughts on “On Warriors and Friends.

  1. @ Swe – i love you too!

    @ Dilly – πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    @ Mysty – glad to know it.

    @ Saloni – thank you so much!

    @ Lulz – you KNOW i’m there for you too!

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