The Force

The Force is everywhere, it is within us, it is in everything around us. It is in the air we breathe, it is present between one and all.

This is, in essence, what Jedi Master Yoda once told Luke Skywalker.

The Force may be something spoken of in one of the biggest movie sagas in human cinema history, but it seen as a reality by many, including me.

We may be laughed at, but we care not. Everything is energy, this energy we call the Force. True, most of us cannot lift objects with our minds or by pointing a finger, yet we understand that there is an energy between us and the object, and that by forcing it move, it will not. We must ask it to move, have it will itself to induce the motion. But this can only be done when we let our minds remove the human conception of imposed will on anything else. The human condition prevents our mind from doing so, leaving the powers we see in the movies on the silver screen, and not in our hands.

The Force is strong with some, they can have a variety of powers that we can see. Some have stronger intuition, others have the power to speak in the right manner in the right situation. Some are far more agile than others, some have quicker, if not pre-meditated reflexes. Some people can simply be peaceful in times of stress, and make correct decisions.

The ways of the Force, just like the concept of God, are not fully understood, making them just as mysterious. Having faith, just like religion, is very important, though the walker of the path of the Force must have faith in himself alone. He must be conscious and confident of himself, and his ablities. Most importantly, he should be willing to learn.

The universe has an infinite amount of things to teach us, but we will, in all probability, be unable to learn a majority of it. Perhaps we could, though with our current understanding of the universe, it seems unlikely.

The ways of the Force tell us that we may interact with those who have passed, but under two conditions. One, the person who wishes to make contact should know and respect the steps in creating this interaction. Two, the spirits one chooses to call upon should themselves be willing to show their spectral presence. In our regular human parlance, we refer to people who can speak to spirits as Mystics and the like.

Meditation is a major part of the ways of the Force. It is a way to centre oneself, and also to learn. Learning will only be successful when one can unlearn what has been learned. This does not mean reversing the information chain one has received. It means applying what one has learned in a way that would deem it further unalterable, or open to amendment. A complete truth, one could call it. Meditation also helps the body heal. When the posture is correct, and breathing slowed, the increased blood flow and oxygen will allow the nerves and muscles to heal, communicate and gain vital energy. Meditation aids in concentration. When the self is at one with the Force, he or she can see the world without opening the eyes. Relying on the Force to guide one increases ones chances of making the right decision, and in dire cases, saving ones life.

The ways of the Jedi state that any person who wishes to walk the path of the Jedi must observe celibacy and cannot be married. The ways of the Force do not have these requirements. The Force is an energy, it calls for balance in the universe, and if that means propogation of the species, it will ensure it.

I write about the Force not to glorify it, or to show how big a Star Wars fan I am. I write about it because I feel that I should. The ways of the Force make some kind of sense to me, and while I have covered very little about it here, I shall continue to follow the path the Force paves for me.

The universe is energy, just as we are. The Force too is an energy, and thus we are a part of the Force.

To all those who read this, I know you will have an opinion, and will be glad to hear from you. I ask you only not to see our belief in the Force as a joke, just as we do not see your belief in the religion or thinking of choice as a joke. We, the followers of the ways of the Force, are real people, and have real beliefs. Respect breeds peace. Let us be one.

May the Force be with you.


5 thoughts on “The Force

  1. You’re welcome!!! I obviously hadn’t checked for a reply till now! It’s just that now when I am almost a year older, and hopefully a little wiser, I think acceptance of the notions that aren’t your own seems a better option…Of course respect is important, but acceptance is more essential for peace and harmony, don’t you think? Something like you don’t have to accept what you respect, but you automatically respect what you accept…Or so I think! 🙂

  2. thank you so much!!!!! it’s good to see that i’m not the only one that likes the idea of respect breeding peace…..

  3. I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan and this article caught my attention simply because it captures the essence of what the Force is and does a very good job of being easily comprehensive…Kudos for that!
    As far as belief in the Force goes, I’d like to think I’m an agnostic – sitting on the fence to put it crudely. I haven’t experienced it first-hand and by the looks of it I’m not likely to either! But just because I don’t know for sure, doesn’t entitle me to belittle it or deny it’s existence…
    I would only like to say that this random comment is because there’s a line in this post which I wholeheartedly agree with – Respect breeds peace. Tolerance is such a negative concept, implying that you’re putting up with something just because you have high levels of patience. Respect, on the other hand, is just the way to treat things, ideas, notions and beliefs that aren’t our own.
    Simply put, it was brilliantly written! 🙂

  4. omg dis 1 is my type . . .psychology/selp help . . .very interesting jai . . . .i really really loveddddd dis 1 like simpllyy lovvvvedddd it . . .very well written . . .i hv no words . . .keep it up 🙂

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