A Certain Moment

There comes a moment in each of our lives where we wonder about life, death and the universe. This moment is extremely intense, and comes without warning. When it comes, it does so spectacularly, exploding from within our minds with greater power than we realised we could harbour.

I have found it possible to harness this power, this energy, and store it until required. The strength required to battle the pounding surge of emotion is deep, and you may think you are going to fail, but it’s at that precise moment that you realise what and who you are : just another stone that’s worn down by the surging water of a river to a pebble, or the incredibly stubborn rock that stands its ground and refuses to be reshaped.

In a moment where love, sorrow and connections to the past and present fight for the golden laurel, you must ask yourself, “Do I want to know who and what I am, or am I too afraid to face myself?”

I answered that question today : I am not afraid. I know who and what I am. I’m the stone no river could wear down. I’m a living part of the universe. I live, I shall die, and the Universe will continue to grow with changes to destinies and fates effected by my choices and questions.

I have loved, I am in love, I will love. The power of this moment is astonishing, breathing inspiration into my very core.

I hope that you, dear reader, have experienced this moment yourself. If not, dear reader, I hope you do.



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