A Dream So Real

Stepping out into the sun,

My eyes adjust to the bright light.

My skin reacts to the heat,

Sleep losing the morning fight.


My mind begins to work,

Waking me up to the joys of the day ahead.

My lips quiver in anticipation

Of all the things that will be said.


My ears are eager,

They await the sound of her voice.

My heart beats faster

As I hear her steps in every surrounding noise.


She is near me now,

I can feel her electricity.

Her colour and energy

Send me into a state of frenzy.


Ah, but that was just a dream,

A dream most sweet.

I truly awake now :

The dream was a reality that knocked me off my feet.


One thought on “A Dream So Real

  1. My dreams are usually really creative. From me feeling deja vu, to my teacher announcing that I was going to teach from now on.

    Dreams let you imagine,
    they speak the words your mouth dare not say.
    Confide in a friend if you will,
    but don’t let your mind get astray.

    I wrote this after I pictured a pretty intense dream (YEP!) 😀

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