Available artwork : 2008-2012

Arty greetings! Here’s a look at the paintings that are available for purchase currently!

You can also view the works here : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151253356205883.525329.503480882&type=1&l=1cabe8c6f9

Do email me on artwithzaiu@gmail.com for more information, or tweet to me on twitter, where my handle is @zaiuranjit.

Levitation, 2012


Containment, 2012Image

Desire, 2012Image

Highrise, 2012Image

Dreamland, 2012Image


The Triangle, 2012Image

Linearity, 2010Image

A Question Of Spatial Existence, 2012Image

Decisive Thought, 2009Image

The Tree Of Ideas, 2012Image


Windows To The Soul, 2011Image

Emotional Reactions, 2010Image

Ascent, 2010Image

Broken Structure, 2010Image

Roots, 2012Image

Sitting Pretty, 2011Image

The Stable Boy And The Horse, 2010Image

Portrait – Self, 2012Image

Portrait Series – Aphrodisiac, 2012Image

Heart And Mind, 2009Image

The Journey, 2009Image


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