Moments arise where I think back to what was,

To what could be, to what could have been.

The memories of desire, of love, of wanting her companionship;

They refuse to lie low, to go away.

They continually push up from the depths of the mind unto which they have been sent.

I struggle constantly to keep my hold over these memories, and the power they contain.

She brings out a smile whenever she appears in front of me, or is even mentioned.

These memories arise when I think back to what once made me smile,

To the moments that followed – moments of heartbreak and the complete destruction of me.

To not love her is impossible; to not be in love with her is tough,

But needs doing.


One thought on “Moments

  1. Moving on is always hard,
    heartbreak is even worse.
    The memories that make you sad,
    will make the moments bittersweet later.

    I have no idea why I’m commenting in verse. And to think there was a time I thought poetry/songs/verse needed to rhyme or it wasn’t correct.

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