The Bombay Store – Version : Launchpad

So, after what seems like ages, I visited The Bombay Store. I have a connection to it : I’d done a line of shoes for Krsna Mehta that were showcased there and found a wonderful reception. But that was quite a while ago.

Today, I walked in as a visitor and was surprised pleasantly to find something new : The Bombay Store has evolved into something quite interesting. And I use the word interesting in the most positive sense.

Yes, this is a high-brow store (and nobody will deny it), but it’s using its brand value very well. The Bombay Store has always been known for its quirky list of products and artwork, and it has now broadened its horizons, so to speak.

The new avatar of this space is to showcase the work of fledgling brands and artists who are producing good work, but don’t have a platform to make their voices heard. On asking about this venture, I’m told that The Bombay Store is inviting portfolios from anyone who’s producing funky new stuff, whether you’ve just graduated from art/design school or have been creating things for a while now. Add to this, if they like your work, they’ll take you on as a permanent vendor!

Each selected artist/brand gets a week’s worth of display time at the flagship store in south Mumbai of the Bombay Store chain, and you can find out more about how to sign up here :


Now, on to who’s showcasing at the moment : Soul Works.


Soul Works is a young brand with a spiritual bend of thought. The works, as you’ll see below, are pretty and well made.


The range includes Dreamcatchers (for your wall and for your ears) and miniature temples, as well as paintings, sculptures and lamps with spiritual imagery and texts. 




The brand, I’m told, is the brainchild of Karima Dawoodani, who believes that “Art can heal,transform and uplift the energy of a space and this belief is the core of Soul Works.”


You can find Soul Works on facebook here : 



Because each brand only gets a week to showcase their products, you need to get yourself down to The Bombay Store’s Fort location quick, before you miss out on something you might fancy.

On my part, it looks like I now have one more place to visit during my weekly #GalleryHopWithZaiu!

Kudos to The Bombay Store for taking on a venture like this and giving artists and creators a new, non-gallery space in which to share what they love to make.


One thought on “The Bombay Store – Version : Launchpad

  1. Bangs had told me that you do a Gallery Hop on Tuesdays a while back (I don’t remember when, even yesterday’s conversation feels like weeks back).

    It’s really inspired and all the photography is amazing. I love how the store features an artist so that they can speak their language and show what they can do. The stuff is really pretty. I’ve always liked to look at dream-catchers just because they flow in the wind like windchimes (Another thing I love to see), and these are particularly gorgeous.

    Also, because I never travel to Fort unless I’m visiting my Dad, this place goes onto my “to-visit” list.

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