My name is Jai, and I’m a painter. 



Painting is my addiction, but it’s not something bad, I think. I live in India, a country where there is an addiction that is far worse than my lowly addiction to painting, or a writer’s to writing, or even a drug addict’s constant need for the next high. It’s called Power. 

I was a child when the economic reforms of the early 90’s were brought about, and had no understanding of what they meant, how they were going to better my life or give me a bright future, leave alone how cartoons were made. Today, I’m in my mid 20’s and the only thing that’s changed is that I now know how cartoons are made. 

Those in ‘Power’, controlled my future back then, and are destroying it now. What does Power actually bring you, dear person who’s addicted to it? Yes, I’m talking directly to the politicians, and most of the beaureaucrats.

The torment you inflict on those under or around you, does it not leave even a microscopic part of you crying out in pain or anger?

You, in the government right now, have destroyed our economy and refuse to accept it. You say ‘our fundamentals are good’ and yet you speak of imposing a fuel curfew from 8pm to 8am? You introduce a Food Security Bill when you don’t have the monetary capacity to see it through?

I think I’ll call you a bunch of morons. Yes, morons.

I’m pretty sure if you were to stand between a mirror and a crowd of a million starving Indians, you’d see only your reflection in the mirror. Disgusting. I’m a painter, and even I know that I can’t produce a painting if I don’t have the money with which to buy materials to paint with. If I want to create a painting, I simply save as much as I can by NOT SPENDING UNNECESSARILY, which is something you sorely need to do.

If you simply execute laws, bills, acts etc. efficiently and powerfully as you’re supposed to, your expenditure actually falls. Oh, but you didn’t know that, did you? Obviously not, considering the state of Air India, as an example. You create frustration and wastage, and then expect the people you’re supposed to be serving to back you when the chips are down? You’ve left us no chips to play the next hand with.

This addiction to Power doesn’t end with the financial side of things. You create a scene in Parliament about anything that doesn’t suit you but actually suits the needs of the country, and then expect peace and prosperity and safety to magically be sustained in a country of over a billion people? Seriously, why aren’t the lot of you already institutionalised? That’s actually a good idea : it’ll give the psychologists and psychiatrists of the country steady jobs and incomes, and it’ll stop them flying abroad to work, thereby improving our economy. But no, you’re not insane, so the poor ‘shrinks’ will continue to say goodbye in search of survival.

You claim to be in Power, and yet you bend to the whims of self-proclaimed ‘Godmen’ & ‘Godwomen’, who, by the way, are JUST MEN AND WOMEN. Here is where I very clearly state the difference between Spiritual Leaders and Godmen (I shall be using this singular term to include men and women for the sake of editorial ease), which is that Spiritual Leaders guide people to internal contentment by aiding their need to seek an intellectual and emotional filling of a personal void after the completion of their physical, monetary and familial responsibilities; whereas Godmen are smart marketing-oriented performers who prey on people who live on blind faith because they are conditioned to do so from birth and cannot think for themselves. 

Whether a Spiritual Leader or a Godman, if a man rapes a girl, woman, boy or man, he is GUILTY OF RAPE. Your apparent Power means nothing if you don’t exercise it by having a man accused of rape arrested immediately and conduct a swift investigation by the Police without ANY intervention or pressure whatsoever. And it shouldn’t be just about this rape case. It should be about every single one.

You want to stay in Power? Use the Power you actually have and start at the bottom. EDUCATE. Run the country using Logic, not Religion. Educate EVERYONE, it’s not that difficult to do. Educate men that women are just as good as they are – in quite a few things, even better. Educate women that they don’t have to just sit there and do as they’re told, and that you will support them if harm comes to them.

Educate yourselves on decency, transparency and efficiency & watch your country become what it should be.

You’re addicts who refuse to accept they have a problem. Your inability to see a crater-sized pothole in the road is breaking everyone’s backs. Open your eyes, dear morons, and you’ll see that the problems in front of you aren’t that tough to fix.

The painting at the start of this little venting is done by me, and it’s called Society. It’s taken a pounding, and is wounded badly, but keeps on fighting. Why? Not because of you. Inspite of you, because every Indian knows that if he stops fighting, he’s going to die a painful death. You have the Power to change all this. You have the Power to fix what you broke and then shattered. 

Are you now willing to accept that you have a problem?

I’m Jai, and I’m a painter.


7 thoughts on “Society

  1. People preaching about God for financial gains, politicians and empty promises worsen India. It’s always fun and games when it’s all talk, but when it comes to action, it’s suddenly really difficult and there is no money in the coffers you already emptied into your own pockets. Love your painting, and hopefully some people will be able to get their foreheads out of their sphincters.

  2. There’s always a point to expressing. What’s the point of being a sentient creature with the power of reasoning to separate us from other species if we don’t express our thoughts, emotions and feelings within our society?

  3. It’s highly doubtful that anyone in Power might ever see this, but I’m sure someone will read this like you have, and write a piece themselves. With enough of these individual pieces floating around, we might end up with a wall of water strong enough to pull down the wall of ego we’re up against.

  4. Quite a complete set of problems pictured in this article, which our nation is facing. I liked the style with which the grave issues has been brought up.May some self styled godman or those powerful read this and at least do this much to bring a change i.e. to stop it if can’t improve it. Ashamed of self as an Indian.

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