Sons Of Anarchy

There’s a television show out there called ‘Sons of Anarchy’. 

While thinking about a conversation about the state of our nation that happened yesterday, the word anarchy came up several times.

Today, I was accosted by a drunken individual who tried to rob me. Thanks to some training and quick thinking, I ensured that he failed, but in the struggle he managed to drop the packet of fresh chicken and beans onto the road. The packet tore, the chicken and beans were ruined, and now I was angry. I could have beat the living daylights out of the man, but chose instead to vent my ire at a nearby policeman who was about to chide me for putting the drunk on his backside. Said policeman only picked up and put the drunk into the police van behind us after I’d given him a piece of my mind. 

I do respect the police and the law, and I know that it’s a tough job that the police have, but I will never stand there and take crap from them for doing something they refuse to do when it’s their job to do so. I chose my words very carefully, not insulting the policeman himself, but his attitude instead. Why shout at me for protecting myself against an assailant and thief when he should have picked up the drunk (who should also have been booked for public indecency and being a danger to the general public due to intoxication, but wasn’t) and locked him in the van?

I was annoyed at two things, and still am. One : the policeman’s attitude towards an act of self-defense against an outright assault and robbery. Two : the fact that the drunk ruined the chicken and beans I’d just bought from the market, thereby wasting my father’s hard-earned money and delaying a meal specifically intended to improve the morale and health of a slightly unwell mother.

I could easily, again, have beaten him to a pulp, taking the law into my own hands and teaching him a lesson that he’d soon forget after another binge-drinking session. I didn’t. And it made me think about anarchy and how so many men older than me would have.

My generation can easily be called the Sons of Anarchy. Wouldn’t you agree?


One thought on “Sons Of Anarchy

  1. It is true that we can’t exactly file reports and expect results immediately. We pretty much associate police with bribes most of the time, heck, all the time.

    But anarchy is a very contextual word. Especially when you see what we do to watch Doctor Who, movies or any music. Not disagreeing with you per se, but according to me, anarchists implies people who say, “F**k the rules,” and do whatever they want. That implies much more illegality than I will ever do apart from TV shows. 😀

    But yeah, I wish you had gotten some compensation for the food.

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