Cobbling Up A Mess

Some time ago, I had the bright idea that I might be able to create my own pair of shoes out of old shoe soles and some painted canvas.

‘How hard could it be?’

It’s the one question you must NEVER follow up on after you’ve asked yourself, BELIEVE ME.

I did, and here’s the result. A short story in images about how I tried to become a cobbler with no research, experience or chance in hell of succeeding.

_MG_9420 _MG_9421 _MG_9422 _MG_9423 _MG_9424 _MG_9425 _MG_9426
Now, I’ve not included the making of the second shoe, because frankly I was too busy trying to make a wearable shoe to be bothered to stop and take photographs.

After I realised just how bad I’d done trying to make this pair of disasters, I stopped and took a couple of photos that should teach you two lessons.

One : Do your research.

Two : Chuck research into a bin and go ask a cobbler to make you a pair of wearable shoes with the canvas you give him.

 _MG_9430 Now, here’s what’s wrong with these shoes.

A. They’re about as identical as a badger and Pluto (the planet, not the cartoon dog)

B. I used staples instead of a needle and thread or glue, so there’s a danger of needing a Tetanus shot if you wear these shoes and try to do more than a slow shuffle.

C. Neither fits my own feet and I’ve used the soles from shoes I used to wear.

D. They look so ugly that even a clown who’s down on his luck would rather wear his torn-up clown shoes and do a tap routine than be seen wearing these even if they were the last new shoes on the planet.

I urge you to laugh at my attempt at being a cobbler, because I definitely am, and probably will still be laughing when I wake up as an old man.

I hope I’ve brightened your day with the knowledge that there is someone who’s done something stupider than you today.



7 thoughts on “Cobbling Up A Mess

  1. with a little bit of experience and research based on the first time u will surely be able to come up with something wearable next time as far as the effort from this time can still be undone and restarted. i like what u have done, just the staples are a bad idea..

  2. Ace! We live and learn and anything swings if you’re straightening out your artist kinks 😉 Good of you to document it, Jai.

  3. I don’t see anything stupid here! It was worth to try…now you know next time (if you try it again) you won’t do it the same way 😉

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