On Murals

I have grown up seeing a lot of walls in the city of Mumbai being painted with large advertisements or horrible pieces of graffiti that look like they were made by people with no sense of aesthetics or sense at all.

This grew into an interest as I travelled to cities around the world as a child, where I’d keep an eye out for painted walls, because unlike in Mumbai, the art on walls wasn’t limited to horrible graffiti.

Everywhere I visited, I saw walls with stunning, beautiful works of graffiti and enormous murals that told stories and brought a smile to the face on the worst of days.

Today, I’m proud to say that I have had a few chances to create some murals in Mumbai, both inside restaurants and outdoors on public walls as well, in the hopes that they’ll make people smile.

So far, I’m told they do.

It’s an interesting undertaking, this mural painting business.

It’s hard, hard work in usually dangerous and draining environments, but the finished product is something that neither you nor people who see it will ever stop loving.

I have immense respect for graffiti and mural artists, because it takes great effort to design and execute these amazing works of art, and I for one have a very long way to go.


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