Life is a collection of moments. We live through some, exist in most and observe the rest. For most of us, support doesn’t come in the way we need it. Appreciation and criticism come when we need them, and more often than not, when we don’t. We can only ever hope to experience every moment… Continue reading Moments


Janine Shroff & Otherlands

If you’ve read show reviews before, you know what the usual format is. I’m not going to stick to it, because Janine Shroff is more than just her artwork, and I think you ought to know that. My first experience of Janine and her work was through Visual Disobedience, an artist collective in Mumbai. From… Continue reading Janine Shroff & Otherlands



“It was a dark and stormy night…”, wrote Sahil in his little notebook. The last time he had written a story beginning with these words was in Standard 9, that too for the final English paper for the year. Did pretty well with it, he recalled. So why was he writing a story with the… Continue reading Snip